"CorKoat" coating is a Permanent Solution of Pipe corrosion used for buried or submerged pipelines. ‘’CorKoat” coated steel pipes have excellent long term corrosion resistance & very good resistance to cathodic disbondment.

It has good anti-corrosion and thermal insulation performance, the heat loss is only 25% of the traditional pipe. It does not need a trench, can be directly buried underground or construction is simple and rapid, the comprehensive cost is relatively low. It has good corrosion resistance and impact resistance under the low-temperature condition also.

Mainly “CorKoat” coating is 3-Layer Polyethylene (3LPE) is a multilayer coating composed of three functional components: A high-performance Fusion Bonded Epoxy(FBE) primer, followed by a copolymer adhesive and an outer layer of polyethylene which provides tough, durable protection.



CorKoat is a 3 layer polyethylene coat that offers protection from corrosion and excellent flow quality. Coating the pipes with Corkoat makes the pipes corrosion resistant and offers minimum resistance to the material flow. We coat both inner side and outer side of steel pipes as per the customer requirements, to deliver totally safe pipes that can be used for a variety of applications.

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Transporting Gas, Oil,
and other fluids:

This pipe coated with Corkoat can withstand temperatures till 80 degrees centigrade and environments ranging from dry desert to regions under the water.

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Drinking water transportation, etc.

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When soil salt content is high, the corrosion is very likely. CorKoat coated pipes are the right solution for such an application.

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Cross country pipeline for CNG, LPG, water, drainage, effluents, etc.

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Internal pipeline for fluid transfer.

Important features of CorKoat

Size and types of pipes:

We supply 3LPE pipes ranging from 3 inches to 18 inches in diameter. Coating can be done over any kind of metallic pipe such as

- CS seamless pipes

- MS pipes

- G.I. pipes

- SS pipes


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